So you want to be a speaker?

Public Speaking is the NUMBER ONE fear in the world!! WHHHAAATTT??


That means for a lot of you, you'd rather be in a bloody casket than reading a eulogy!

If you don’t get to grips with being able to speak your message, you’re leaving money on the table and a whole raft of your ideal clients without your help.

That simply will not do, my darlings.

When I first started out, I felt ALL the feels when I spoke in public.

You know the onesthe sweaty hands, the dry mouth, the needing to wee even though you bladder’s empty from the 10 nervous wees you’ve already hadthat God-awful imposter feelingmind going blankbesides, who the hell are YOU to be stood up in front of anyone telling them anything??


I didn't know there were things I needed to know and skills I needed to learn to make a success of speaking and not feel like I wanted to be in that sodding casket (OK...that’s a bit extreme but you feel meright?)


With 20 years' experience on stage, over a decade in the corporate training room, sell out speaking events and speaking engagements up and down the country, it’s safe to say your girl now knows a thing (or 10) about what it takes to take to the stage, share stories and get across important information.


I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. by entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike who are too scared to share their message that they hide themselves from the world



These are not super powers, my lovesthese are skills and these skills are TOTALLY teachable!

So many people deny their incredible stories and messages from the world and it’s a travesty.

Who are you NOT to share your story?!

It is my MISSION to make sure you become the speaker you want to be!!


I have created an eight week online course that will make sure that, whatever level of speaker you are, from total novice to entrepreneurs who are ready to go pro and get paid, you will learn everything you need go out into your field and nail your message and attract more of YOUR ideal clients. Every. Single Time.


During this course, I'll show you the very techniques & tools I use when I speak at my sell out Show Up, Wise Up, Rise Up events and the scores of other national stages I take to across the country.


So What Are We Gonna Get Up To???


Week One & TWO – BEE BRAVE

- Uncovering and squashing any limiting beliefs you have

- Smashing through those speaking nerves

- How our physicality affects our ability to speak.

- Nailing your Vocal Business Card so you can network and introduce yourself with ease and clarity



- We will create 3 talks of varying length to suit most situations where you may be required to speak from networking meeting to pro speaking gigs.

- How to elegantly call to action so you don’t sound like a slimy sales person

- Vocal tricks to help you improve your delivery

- We will nail what you want you desired outcomes to be for your audience


- We will uncover the secret tricks that pro speakers use to engage their audiences and help them take action

- We will explore all the possible ‘stages’ you can share your message and how you could get paid to speak.

- We will look at the tools you will need position yourself as an expert in your field at any event


- Here we look at events and how creating an event for your business can pay off in a BIG way.

- How to create an incredible environment for your listeners to receive your message

- How to construct an entertaining and engaging event

- How to SELL OUT your events






For those of you that want to work with me more closely on their desired outcomes, I've got some thing very special for you.

In addition to everything above you will receive –

- 4 x 121 coaching sessions on your specific talks so that they pack a maximum royal punch!

- Access to the QB VIP members area when I will share additional training

- Help with pitching your talk to appropriate platforms

- Access to my super connected network so that you can network and speak in aaaalll the right places









PROs will be able to access the opportunity to work with me directly in a 6 month group speaker mastermind culminating with our incredible BEE INSPIRED event where you will learn, in real time, exactly what it takes to be a part of professional speaking event.

From planning to selling tickets to speaking on stage, PRO QBs will not only share a stage with me but also come away with a professional showreel and client testimonial filmed on the day of the event totally setting you up for success.

PRO’s will also be given the chance to make back some of their investment making this a total no brainer for anyone who is ready to take their speaking and their business to a whole new level.

PRO GROUP BONUS - Bonuses will be announced every day during cart open.I have LOADS of extra goodies for you!​

This option is for people who are ready to make speaking a genuine revenue stream and are willing to Show Up, Wise Up and Rise Up with me!!


HOW do I do what I do?
HOW do I GO LIVE so easily?

HOW do i have content ready to go?

HOW do I stand up & speak so easily?

HOW do I hold an audience?

HOW do I get PAID to speak?

HOW do I create speaking events?



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