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Look, let’s not BS about the following facts


Speaking about your business is KEY to it’s growth.

Speaking about your business is THE way to get yourself positioned as the go-to expert in your field.

Speaking about your business, your message and why you do what you do in a compelling way is a sure fire way to get up in front of more of your ideal client and have them falling over themselves to hang out with you and, more importantly, BUY from you.

There is a reason why Dani has quickly become one of the most exciting speaker coaches in the UK today and it's because she knows exactly how to get the very best out of the speakers that she works with.

Her 15 YEARS in corporate coaching & development and over 20 YEARS experience on stage mean it is safe to say your girl knows a thing or two about the field.

The six months that you will spend with Dani and just nine other speakers will take you on a journey from winging it to mastering it and not one of you gets left behind!

The BEE HEARD PRO Programme is designed to not only get you stage-ready from a content perspective but also to physically get you onto the stage so you can really put into practice everything we learn together.





Speaker showreel, killer photography of you in action and speaker sheets are all part of what this programme delivers as well as the support of your fellow members.

The jewel in the BEE HEARD crown is, of course, the AMAZING live event at the end of the programme - THE BIG FESTOON. All of your hard work will be celebrated as you take to the stage for this fabulous day of inspiration, motivation and celebration with a real, live audience!



- You’ve been working on your business for a while now and feel like you have all your ducks in a row EXCEPT you’ve been letting this last piece of the puzzle escape you.

- You want to get all of your speaker assets done in one go without having to take a whole entourage with you to places that you speak.

- You are ready to create content that you are so deeply connected to that you will become irresistible to your ideal client sitting in the audience.

- You sick of winging it and know you are capable of so much more if you just allow the space to be held for you.

- You want to know the secrets of the speaking industry that will level up your speaking from enthusiastic amateur to confident paid professional.

- You want to create content that will lend itself to all areas of your business growth from pitching to PR.



- You have unhealed trauma. The process of creating your content will be done in a safe and supportive environment and although the content creation process is often described as cathartic, you are very much encouraged to ‘speak from the scar and not the wound’ regarding any personal stories you may wish to explore.

- You are not committed to doing the work needed to level up. You will be encouraged and supported throughout the six months BUT your comfort levels will be pushed and you will need to come to the party ready for that.

- You are not ready to be positioned as the expert into your field or be considered as the voice of authority in your industry.


Let’s lay it out on the line!

Being a part of this amazing experience, you will get:

- Access to the LIVE Bee Heard So You Wanna Be a Speaker Course so you can learn all of Dani’s systems and processes ready for creating your talks. (See BEE HEARD Page for full details).

- All the processes you need to follow to create engaging keynotes, TedX style talks and workshops, every single time you hit the stage.

- 6 months support from Dani and the IATQB team.

- Bi-monthly Programme Hotseats to tweak and solidify your content.

- 4 x 60-minute 121s (Story Finder, Editing, Elevation and post-event feedback).

- An IATQB speaker pack with the tools you will need to rehearse your talks to perfection.

- A speaker show reel, showcasing your talk.

- Slide direction with the IATQB design team to help you create a slide deck that compliments your brand.

- Professional photography of you in action.

- A fully branded speaker sheet to help you pitch like a pro to speaker agents and bookers.

- A full 20 minute speaker slot at THE BIG FESTOON live event.



We have some pretty incredible bonuses for this mastermind too!

- A media bio session with the amazing team at Chocolate PR so you can pitch to the press!

- A Pro Speaker Prep Session with our very own IATQB Photographer Vicki Head.

- Putting The Author Into Authority session with IATQB bestie Abigail Horne from Authors & Co.

Pretty epic, right?!

There is no other speaker programme like this in the world and we are super proud to be setting the bar!

With only 20 spaces available twice a year you can see why this is one of the most sought after programmes in the UK!


The investment to be a part of the MARCH 2024 cohort is just

£9,995 + VAT


Book your space now and let’s get you FLYING!


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