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Sure, everyone has a story to tell. But who will want to hear it?

How do you connect?

How do you make your story so powerful and tell it in a way that is so engaging that it cuts through the static and is heard above all the white noise?


Hi, I’m Dani and I am The Queen Bee – the only motivational and inspirational kick-ass speaker coach you will ever need.

My story is one of survival, inspiration, honesty and empowerment leading me to become the UK's #1 Speaker Coach.  


Experiences in my personal and business lives have led me to this place. A place where I love to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks and inspire others to find their own unique voices.

All done with truth, humour and a shit ton of practical advice.

As I worked with more and more inspirational speaking clients, I came to realise that so often they knew what they wanted to say, but they were finding it hard to elevate their stories to more than just words, sentences and paragraphs.

To unleash the power that they held and turn it into a live talk that would see them grab spots on the most prestigious stages.

Yes, I could and have helped hundreds of clients with this, but for them to truly realise their full potential takes hard work and a real unpicking of the components of their story and perhaps more importantly, their whole approach, their personalities, their quirks and the very nature of what makes them “them”.

Because this is when that true connection with an audience really happens.

But I get it. I’m working with multiple 5/6/7 figure earners here who want to work with me exclusively in person, but can’t commit over an extended period of time, so they want to get the job done as quickly as possible and get on with delivering their new found skill ASAP.



Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to stop, collaborate and listen.

Allow me to introduce the only speaker programme you will ever need – give it up for the IATQB BEE VIP Intensive Speaker Programme!

I have created this intensive one on one programme to fast track ambitious entrepreneurs to create exceptional and compelling TEDx/keynote/workshops talks and then provide them with the support to take those talks to the relevant stages without having to go through a course.

I said intensive right? For sure, but intensive The Queen Bee way does not mean a boot camp!


Relax my friends and take a peep at what is included.

  • 3 days and 2 nights in a luxury setting in the UK, Spain or Italy, with all meals included plus your very own private chef mid stay! (The only thing not included is your travel, so you can decide the level of luxury for this bit!)

  • Delivery of my unique story finding and talk construction process. I can say no more about this here – because it is unique. And kind of a secret. 

  • Full understanding of how to create compelling talks again and again. This is what it’s all about – the confidence and the tools to shape new talks.

  • Material for you to go on to create future talks, copy and PR.

  • We will fully draft 3 complete talks – a choice of TEDx style, Keynote and Workshop in any variation. Yep, that’s three. Your knowledge. Your experiences. Your stories. All wrapped up beautifully ready for delivery.

  • Private introduction to quality speaker bookers. These are contacts in the Queen Bee Little Black Book that I have built up over years.

  • Support to apply for TEDx if required. TEDx applications are different. But I know precisely how to shape your application so it stands out from the others.

  • We will create you own speaker sheet to, perfectly branded for you. This is another “trade tip” that is often overlooked.

  • Live critique and feedback from me at your first booked speaking event. Yep, I’ll be there! So, expect encouragement, love, objectivity and above all - honesty!

  • You’ll also get a monthly half hour 121 check in with me to track your progress.

Sounds pretty epic right?

Damn straight it is. And at this point I want to just mention some of the reasons that make this programme the jewel in the Queen Bee’s crown.

It is just perfect for you if :

  • You have so much to say, but aren’t confident in using your own personal stories as a connector for audiences to your business.

  • You want better quality PR opportunities

  • You have always had your eye on that TEDx stage, but just don’t know how to be heard amongst the 1000s of applicants.

  • You need an “in”, so you can connect with quality bookers so speaking can become a revenue stream.

  • You want to improve your ideal client reach and ultimately grow your sales.

  • You want to make a difference to your industry. No wait. Scratch that. You want to make a difference to the world. Well – me too!

    Welcome to the World of The Queen Bee!


Just a note here – I’m not into the hard sell. I need a genuine connection with the people I work with, and if I honestly feel this is not the programme for you I will tell you!

As a quick heads up – if you think you are one of the following let’s take a rain check:

  • Someone who does course after course and doesn’t take action.

  • Someone who thinks the act of paying for coaching gets results.

  • Someone who is not ready to connect with their story.

  • Someone who has not done any healing around any trauma. (Because, although this isn’t therapy it will be emotional and intense.)

More than just teaching you how to walk on a stage and chat!

Here’s the big thing. The one thing that makes this course a life changer, not just a skill creator. This programme is more than just a “Speaker programme for Dummies” a “box ticking, speaking onstage by numbers” course.

My journey, my experiences and, let’s be clear here, my numerous rude awakenings have all taught me that the stage, the words, the talk itself are a tiny percentage of the tools you need in your toolbox if you are serious about really smashing it in the live speaking world.

The Talk is the headline act but you are the backing band, the road crew, the PR team, the make up artist and more.

This package will provide you with the platform to expand not only your reach and reputation in your industry, but your very self because, trust me, we will be digging deep over our time together to mine pure gold.

Your three talks will be beyond epic, but you will also finish with:

  • Improved confidence

  • Better quality PR opportunities

  • Improved relationship with your current audience

  • Audience growth

  • Sales growth

  • Wider impact on your industry

  • Elevated authority

  • Improved ability to create compelling copy

  • Deeper connection to values and mission

  • Fairly paid speaking opportunities

  • Network of other speakers

  • The ability to create impactful and engaging talks

This programme is ground breaking. 

In 3 days we will learn, we will bond and we will reap the benefits of an intensive focus on who you are, where you want to be and how you want the world to hear you.


So, be prepared to get real, and to go deep. Oh, and be prepared to laugh. A lot. It’s kind of what I do.

Here’s the money bit – the programme is currently priced at just £12,997 + VAT.

However, this is for the first
FIVE people to sign up only, and after this the price will go up to £14,997 + VAT so you really need to get in quick.



Show up. Wise up. Rise up.

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