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We could wax lyrical over how talented a singer Dani isor how she has performed both nationally and internationally for over two decades (we know she doesn’t look old enough) OR how she is trusted by some of the most well know corporate names in the UKbut we won’tafter so long in the business, that’s the boring stuff.

From small intimate dinner parties to large, crowd-drawing events, the importance of knowing what to perform, how to perform it, when to interact, when not to interact, what volume is appropriate and when, paired with the ability to take guests on a journey through you event will really make your entertainment stand out.

From soul & jazz sets perfect for lunches and dinner parties all the way through to getting your guests dusting off those dancing shoes & getting your party started with a bang.

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Say this with me. ”I AM THE QUEEN BEE”.

Now say it again louder for those at the back.

Now say it again for that voice in your head trying to sabotage you trying to reach your goals.


Listen, it takes some serious stones to put your hand up and say I need help, you majestic human, you.

Don’t see it yet? You will.

Dani has your back one this one.

Whether you’re feeling stagnant in your current situation, you need help moving through a life change or you need a whirlwind of energy and wisdom in your corner helping you take control of your business and life, Dani is the queen you need in your hive to help you SHOW UP, WISE UP & RISE UP!

There are a number of packages on offer to work with Dani one-to-one so just click the BOOK NOW button to start your journey TODAY.




Dani’s corporate background is just as extensive as her personal life journey.

Having been through numerous talent programmes with some incredible global brands, she kicked off her career in training & leadership development by jumping feet first into the industry and working her way up from the ground floor.

With her ability to deliver key note speeches and both business & personal development workshops in her inimitable, humorous, straight-talking style, you are guaranteed that all who see her speak will leave your event fired up and armed to take action.

's time to SHOW UP, WISE UP & RISE UP!

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