If you would like to become an Ambassador by offering your business/services to help survivors of domestic abuse to build their businesses and then please send us an application by clicking below so you too can help others



If you're a survivor of domestic abuse and would like assistance with starting or running your own business then please send us an application so you too can




It was always my intention, from the second I heard the Bee Movie quote about bees caring not what humans think is impossible, to create a foundation that would help survivors of domestic abuse build businesses so that they could do just that, Fly Anyway.

Taking back control of your life after you have escaped a toxic relationship is incredibly difficult.

Learning to trust yourself, your talents and believing in your worth as an independent, whole person is a constant struggle, especially if you are trying to do that on your own.

The Fly Anyway Foundation was launched in 2020 to help survivors access some of the best business mentors and business service providers in the UK and eventually globally, to help them to build successful and sustainable businesses.


All profits from the IATQB merchandise line goes to the #FLYANYWAY Foundation


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