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It was always my intention, from the second I heard the Bee Movie quote about bees caring not what humans think is impossible, to create a foundation that would help survivors of domestic abuse build businesses so that they could do just that, Fly Anyway.

Taking back control of your life after you have escaped a toxic relationship is incredibly difficult.

Learning to trust yourself, your talents and believing in your worth as an independent, whole person is a constant struggle, especially if you are trying to do that on your own.

The Fly Anyway Foundation was launched in 2020 to help survivors access some of the best business mentors and business service providers in the UK and eventually globally, to help them to build successful and sustainable businesses.


All profits from the IATQB merchandise line goes to the #FLYANYWAY Foundation

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Founder of The Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani Wallace, experienced domestic abuse as a child when she was growing up on the council estates of Preston and then later on in intimate partner relationships in her teens and twenties.

The shame she carried as an intelligent, articulate woman, who had performed both on stage as an entertainer and within well respected corporate roles, was too much to bear, particularly after she had become homeless with her two daughters, Poppy and Daisy, both under the age of 3 at the time, 10 years ago.

In the moments when she was at rock bottom, Dani vowed that if she was ever to survive her situation and go on to create any kind of success for herself, then she would use any platform she created to help other people overcome adversity, particularly in the field of domestic abuse recovery.

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When watching the Bee Movie (2007) some years back with her girls, once she was in a position of safety, she heard the quote:

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It's wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.”

She set about rebuilding her life and, by the power of social media, built an audience, and now leads a movement of business owners who show up, wise up and rise up together. She runs inspirational personal development events and workshops, speaking programmes and coaches people to take up space in the world with the power of their mission and message.

















With a successful business under her wing (pardon the pun) in the form of IATQB Ltd, Dani is now fulfilling her vow of creating a foundation to help people who have experienced domestic abuse in the form of The #FLYANYWAY Foundation.


This has been gathering momentum over the past year and we are now working with Business Builders, helping them create new lives for themselves.



Ambassadors are business expert volunteers who donate their services/products to our Business Builders.

They go through our application process and then onto our list of preferred partners once they have complete safeguarding checks and basic DBS funded by the foundation.

If we identify a need with our Business Builders that one or more of our Ambassadors can assist with, we connect them and they get to work.


We currently have 40 Ambassadors ready to work with our Business Builders.

Example Ambassadors:

- Brand Specialists

- Web Designers

- Accountants

- Virtual Assistants



Often, when someone has experienced DV/DA they struggle to believe in themselves, their confidence and feeling of self worth is often low and they may find it a struggle to stay in employment.

Being employed can be triggering for someone who has experienced abuse as they may struggle to trust those in charge and even their peers, who may not understand what it is like to have overcome such a thing.

Creating a business is a great way to overcome this struggle and makes way for opportunities to excel in ways our Business Builders never thought imaginable.

Engaging with the Fly Anyway Foundation, not only gives our service users access to exceptional business experts and services but encourages them to be a part of a community that understands and creates a space for them to get excited about their lives again as opposed to living in fear and victimhood.

It is imperative for both the service and service users that Business Builders are at a place in their recovery where they are safe.


With this in mind, they will have to fit our criteria to access our services.

  • No longer accessing any kind of intervention services .e.g. Social Services.

  • Consider themselves safe - This is for people who are through the other side of their situation and no longer at risk.

  • Have a business idea that is achievable and sustainable.

  • Business Builder must be willing to adhere to our code of conduct and engagement terms.

  • Business Builders will not be supported to join any Multi Level Marketing schemes.

  • Failure to engage/communicate will result in support being terminated.



If you would like to become an Ambassador by offering your business/services to help survivors of domestic abuse to build their businesses and then please send us an application by clicking below so you too can help others



If you're a survivor of domestic abuse and would like assistance with starting or running your own business then please send us an application so you too can




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