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Have you ever REAAALLLYYY wanted to do something but got in your own way about it?

By get in your own way, I mean freezing on the spot or running away from the thing you really want to do.

You may be feeling scared about taking the plunge and making a significant life change.

You may want to start your own business.

You may wish to leave a job you have felt stuck in for a long time.

You may wish to take back control of your shit after giving away your power to someone or something, and it's time for you to rise the eff up.

Here’s the tea - if you don’t get to grips with this, you are going to be left feeling unfulfilled, undervalued and you’re leaving a whole bunch of much deserved happiness and abundance on the table.

That simply will not do, my darlings.

For years, I sat on my own potential, always getting soooo close to success but then robbing myself of my own dreams. It was ludicrous.

I choose poor relationships, unfulfilling jobs and a continuation of the cycle of generations of poor money mindset in the name of staying within the boundaries of what I knew.

This landed me in thousands of pounds of debt, homeless and fleeing an abusive partner.

Upon coming out of my darkest hours, I decided that as soon as I got out of the mess I was in, I would reach out to those around me suffering in the same way and show them how to FLY ANYWAY.

Since then I have gone on to create an incredible 6 figure (and growing) public speaking business, have raised tens of thousands of pounds for domestic violence charities, have become a bestselling author and have curated an amazing network of entrepreneurs who all help each other SHOW UP, WISE UP AND RISE UP via the IATQB Hive.

Time and time again, so many people I come across hold themselves back from their highest potential by sabotaging their own success.

In response to this and in conjunction with my number one bestselling book 'I Am The Queen Bee – How I Overcame Self-Sabotage to Fly Anyway and How You Can Too', I have created a very special course just for you.

Move Bee, Get Out The Way will take you on a journey from self-sabotage to success.

Join me for 8 weeks of learning, self-discovery, strategy and community as we un-pick those cycles of behaviour and learn how to, one and for all, move out of our own damn way and into out birth of awesome.






















 Move Bee, Get Out The Way!

8 weeks working with me and a community of other Queens and Royals ready to stop playing small and take some effing action!

OPTION 1: Standard Course

Using a mixture of concept delivery, facilitated workshops and masterminding  - We are going to do what we so rarely do for ourselves and hold space for each other to work through the following modules:

Week 1 - What Is Self Sabotage

Get to grips with what Self-Sabotage actually is and how it shows up in your life.

Week 2 - Becoming A Cycle Breaker

Work out your self-sabotage cycles so that you can quicky recognise them and re-recalibrate.

Week 3 - What Confidence REALLY is

Uncover what your confidence style is so that you can take control over how confident you feel about all the areas of your life.

Week 4 - Self Care

Find your self-care type and create a contract with yourself and each other to commit to building this into your regular routine. Self-care = Success.

Week 5 - Chufty Badges (How we reward ourselves)

As entrepreneurs, we seldom reward ourselves, furthermore, it can feel selfish to do so. Learn and create ways to reward yourself and build this into your self-care contract

Week 6 - Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed

We rarely communicate the things we want and need and as a result, miss out on so much. We look, in this module at the things we DON’T ask for and learn ways to verbalise it so we get more of what we actually desire.


Week 7 - Overnight Successes

SPOILER – There are non. Instead, we will look at the things, in all areas of your life that you would love to become an over night success and we will create strategies to make that a reality.


Week 8 - Show Up Wise Up Rise Up

We will have identified and worked through all of your self-sabotaging behaviours and now it’s time to PLAN. We will create you road map to success, whatever it looks like for you.


Bonus Session – Celebration Zoom!

Pop the champers as we celebrate all of our many wins as a community of incredible humans ready to LEVEL UP!


Bonus Session – How to Break Cycles – Dipti Solanki

Dipti is an experienced grief expert who helps her client uncover and work through what is holding them back. Self- sabotage is often routed in some form of painful experience so we are proud to be able to support the community with a session with this absolute powerhouse.

Bonus Session – Self Discipline = Self Care

Multiple best selling author and radio presenter Gemma Ray share her in sights and findings when it comes to the dreaded term ‘self-discipline’. You will never look at ‘will power’ the same way again.


£497 + Vat

OPTION 2: PRO Course


All of the above course content PLUS

2 x Power Sister 121 SESSIONS in which we will drill down on your personal success strategy.

These are FIYAH and I will be bringing my A game so make sure you bring yours!

2 x Hotseat sessions where you can bring your questions to the group for a community coaching experience.

We all contribute to this!



£997 + Vat

OPTION 3: VIB Course


All of the above course content PLUS

Super Awesome Success Strategy event

We will spend the day together to map out what your killer 2021 looks like ready to rip up trees, whatever life throws at you.

£1297 + Vat


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