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FROM £497 + VAT

Learn the tricks and tools of the speaking trade with Dani’s BEE Heard – So You Wanna Be A Speaker course.

Speaking is absolutely key to growing your business, how the eff are people going to know about what you do if you don’t talk about it?! CLOSED MOUTHS DON’T GET FED, Y’ALL! 

From mindset and confidence to content creation and stage presence BEE Heard is the BEST way to start your speaking journey!

Choose either the DIY 6 Module package or the twice yearly LIVE 8 week interactive course! Let’s go!!


The one they all want to BEE a part of!

This is the speaker programme to end all speaker programmes.

There is a reason why Dani is considered the most exciting speaker coach to work with in the UK and this programme is a prime example.

Over 6 months, you will work with Dani and your fellow members to create, not only your kick ass signature talks but we will also create all the tools you need to launch your speaking career.

ALSO, all of our work within the mastermind culminates in taking centre stage in our amazing event - The BIG Festoon!



£9,995 + VAT




£12,997 + vat

For the entrepreneur ready to roll their sleeves up, take action and get flying right now!

In this exclusive learning and coaching experience, you will get to grips with connecting your story to your business and mission message in a way that is so compelling, your audiences both new and old will be sure to fall in love with you and all you do.

BEE VIP is perfect for those of you with books,  TEDx dreams, PR goals and on a mission to scale your success to the next level.

This 121 intensive programme is a game, business and life changer. Paired with 6 months of support from Dani and the IATQB team, this is sure to get you and your business heard in all the right places.

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