The landscape is changing in the speaking world and 2020 is the year YOU can help shake things up…it’s about time, RIGHT??!!


I don’t know about you, but I am SICK of seeing the same people speak over and over and over again at events.


I am DONE with women having to fight for only a few speaking spots in a still very male dominated environment.

If you don’t get to grips with how to share your message and how to stand out, you’re leaving money on the table, a whole raft of your ideal clients without your help and a world without the joy of hearing about your zone of genius.

That simply will not do, my darlings.













We NEED thought leaders, change makers, mould breakers, inspirers and strategists like YOU.

When I first started speaking, I didn't know that there were things I needed to know and skills I needed to learn to make a success of speaking and not feel like I was just flapping my gums and hoping for the best!

With 20 years' experience on stage, over a decade in the corporate training room, sell out speaking events and speaking engagements up and down the country, it’s safe to say your girl now knows a thing (or 10) about what it takes to take to the stage, share stories, get across important information and have audiences eating out of my hand.

I now work with 5, 6 and 7 figure earning entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike who are too scared to share their message on the public stage for a whole raft of reasons.


I get asked ALL. THE. TIME....

  • HOW do you create a talk that is engaging and impactful if I'm only given a short time to talk?!

  • HOW the EFF do I fill a 45-60 min slot????

  • WHAT IF I have too many stories?

  • WHAT IF I'm not interesting enough??

  • HOW do I create a TED talk?

  • HOW do you know which stages to approach and how the hell do I make myself stand out from all the other applicants?

  • HOW do I stand up & speak easily without falling to bits?

  • HOW do I hold an audience?

  • HOW do I create a signature keynote?

These are not super powers, my lovesthese are skills and these skills are TOTALLY teachable!

So many people deny their incredible stories and messages from the world and it’s a travesty.

Who are you NOT to share your story?!

It is my MISSION to make sure you become the speaker you want to be!!









You many have noticed I have rocketed into the online space like a whirlwindand it has been no accident.

I have waited until the timing was jussssttt right to start ruffling feathers and help the new generation of incredible speakers Show Up , Wise Up and Rise Up!!


Wanna come ruffle some feathers with me, Queen?


I have created a                                  online workshop!

It will make sure that, whatever level of speaker you are, from total novice who dreams of sharing their story with the world to entrepreneurs who are ready to go pro and become paid speakers, I can teach you the things you need to know to go out into the world, nail your message and attract more of YOUR ideal clients. Every. Single Time.


During the workshop, I'll teach you the THREEthings you need to know in order for you to successfully take to the stage in 2020. From TED talks to workshops and beyond.

I will be giving away an IPAD, (that’s right, an IPAD y’all!) on the workshop so you’re defo gonna wanna be in on the action!!!!


So What Are We Gonna Get Up To???


1. How the speaking world is changing and what you can do to break through the noise.


2. How to construct an incredible talk using a cheeky little tool I use with my most high profile clients.

3.  We will look all the things you will need position yourself as an expert in your field when taking to the stage.

Click the link now and get signed up to the                                 workshop.


I will send you a link so that you can simply click to attend when it is time.

Between now and then, I will be chatting to you over on my business page giving you some hints and tips and tricks too, so make sure you hop on over and click SEE FIRST so you don’t miss a thing!!


I'm beyond excited to SEE YOU ON THE 29TH NOVEMBER at 7pm!!!